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jogos-geograficos : comentários : Site de jogos geográficos gratuitos em flash. Jogos de conhecimentos de geografia sobre o Mundo, a Europa e Portugal e o Brasil.

Comentários : Grumer

Grumer 2015-09-17T20:21:25+02:00
Impressive score Moorea.
Grumer 2015-05-04T01:22:44+02:00
Hello LeeranerJung... I will try the map tomorrow. But even if I could beat your amazing score (which I have hard to believe) my score doesnt counts. Im out of the race ;) It would not feel good to go to a final that way. Lucas was so much then me in Belgium. But thank you for the offer... That kind :)
Grumer 2015-04-11T22:30:12+02:00
Great scores in the top 3... Bravo :)
Grumer 2015-04-10T21:05:34+02:00
Good evening challengers...Good luck to all of you :)
Grumer 2014-11-09T03:32:56+01:00
Good luck Leer...
If you follow my tips you wont fail....
I know your high capicity.
And I think you go higher then me !!
Grumer 2014-11-08T12:05:17+01:00
Thank you Bluesteel :)
But its really not that big deal...
Usually I play with a quite small map.
And as you know many cities are around Lisbon.
So here I used a very big map and I was very lucky and got many of the cities around that area on the same game.
So I believe that you and many other players can do the same.