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jogos-geograficos : comentários : Site de jogos geográficos gratuitos em flash. Jogos de conhecimentos de geografia sobre o Mundo, a Europa e Portugal e o Brasil.

Comentários : LeeranerJung

LeeranerJung 2018-01-14T20:08:39+01:00
Dear Challengers, this is the correct map for the MC (14 - 21 January 2018)
LeeranerJung 2017-11-06T22:07:19+01:00
Challengers, this is the right map for the MC/ Challengers, Ceci est la bonne carte pour le MC
LeeranerJung 2016-08-07T19:25:12+02:00
@caramelo: good score (who can make 103k on this, can also make 104, just a matter of time and patience) And thanks for the nice words :)
LeeranerJung 2016-08-06T08:46:21+02:00
Good morning Caramelo :)
LeeranerJung 2016-04-13T19:59:11+02:00
well, it was my only map :)
LeeranerJung 2016-04-12T21:42:03+02:00
I think this is the only map where I have a better score on the normal map than on the junior map, it's crazy, lol
LeeranerJung 2015-08-10T22:19:32+02:00
Ok, I think that's it for today, maybe tomorrow I can get a bit higher, CU all
LeeranerJung 2015-08-09T23:35:43+02:00
Not quite my best score, but tomorrow is another day... Good night :)
LeeranerJung 2015-07-11T21:00:38+02:00
a very easy, highspeed map which is great fun - good luck to the finalists :))
LeeranerJung 2015-05-03T17:16:31+02:00
Come on, Grumer !!!
LeeranerJung 2015-05-03T14:23:14+02:00
Thanks snowwhite, I think I can't do much better though ...
LeeranerJung 2015-05-03T14:20:45+02:00
I haven't seen any advertisement on any map so far, not on this one, nor the German; Spanish or Italian site, nowhere - isn't it strange ? .... Maybe I have a good "ad-blocker" ? :))
LeeranerJung 2015-05-03T12:43:47+02:00
Okay, need a break now :)) This is really incredibly difficult, at least for me, all those strange names and then 4 Vitorias !! At first, the abbreviations of the "estados" can help you, later they distract you - so don't pay too much attention to them (it takes too much time). Wish you all much luck on this one, especially Lucas (whom I am still missing) ... See you later ..
LeeranerJung 2015-04-14T17:43:20+02:00
as good as i am on the cities, so bad am i here ... To remember I don't know how many cities - no problem, but to remember 22 districts - no chance, lol - but i will try again :))
LeeranerJung 2015-04-12T16:49:57+02:00
noooooooooooo .... 2 points missing :(( but 2 points more should be possible :))
LeeranerJung 2015-04-11T22:36:07+02:00
thanks !! If a rather difficult map turns, more or less, into a speed game you can be quite happy :))
LeeranerJung 2015-04-11T20:42:12+02:00
well, the problem is that you get new cities after 10 hours of playing, lol. Some cities appear very frequently, some very seldom so that you easily forget them. But I won't give up :))
LeeranerJung 2015-04-10T19:40:57+02:00
Hi challengers, this is my first time on this map :) Have fun !
LeeranerJung 2015-02-17T23:52:30+01:00
the simpler sites work much better ....
LeeranerJung 2014-12-06T17:02:33+01:00
why we have to play 3 days on this boring map, is quite beyond me :( I am done here already since yesterday cos I can't stand these kind of games no longer than two hours. In addition, there shouldnt be qualification rounds in the weekends when we all, as I guess, have more time and are more relaxed. @bluesteel: I might not qualify as well and the role of an onlooker in the final round isnt really satisfying, believe me. So I would suggest to let everybody take part in a team who takes part in the qualification, no matter, if it are 17, 20 or 23 or whatever ... Have a nice weekend :)
LeeranerJung 2014-12-05T19:01:04+01:00
@kapucine: I had the same problem, too and it still doesnt work very well (have to click at least 60 times in each round) I started the PC anew and closed all other sites. This did help me a bit .. :))
LeeranerJung 2014-11-08T19:35:41+01:00
That's really great, Grumer !! Now let's see what i can do here - have never played this seriously ....
LeeranerJung 2014-06-12T23:51:46+02:00
Hi everybody! This is probably the easiest map i ever played - from Zero to more than 100 000 in just about an hour :)